Creative Skulls

These unique pieces are personally hand painted by Steve Collett. With the artistic skills that Steve has injected into the business for 14 years, it was inevitable that his creativity would lead to these spectacular pieces. So, leave your prize skull with us and have Steve create what is to become your showrooms most focal piece. With every skull being different, you will own a unique work of art.

Odds and Ends

Travelling to hunt in Africa is a life-time dream for thousands of sporting hunters around the world and for most a once in a life-time opportunity, so we encourage you to make the most of your trip and trophies. We offer an array of authentic artifacts that we make from most parts of your animal. Visit our taxidermy page to see what we can create for you.


With a broad spectrum of artists from around Africa we have art of all styles to suit every ones tastes from oil to pastel, realism to abstract. We can supply art work on mediums from canvas to leather. We can also supply wildlife, wilderness, landscape and tribal art too, and you will find that abstract piece to fit your new retro style. In addition, we can customize a painting with your portrait, enhancing your memorable safari. What we have on offer is in our gallery and much, much more.


Create your own atmosphere and bring back the wild feeling you experienced on your Safari with one of these amazing photographs. Each photo is of high quality to make that perfect mural wall, or accent prints for that perfect space. Scroll down and indulge yourself in our selection of exquisite photos.

Curios and Trinkets

By being in the heart of Africa we have full access to curios from an array of African countries, tribes and traditions, from small trinkets to hand crafted baskets, bowls, salad servers, carvings and hand painted crockery. We have pieces for every room in your house and for every original authentic tribal artifact collector. We have the sources within these countries where we can find artifacts that people desire. Share your request and we will source these products for you.


For all those who might not have the opportunity of hunting Africa’s great plains, or for those who don’t wish to hunt, but would like that showroom display, we have a variety of different mounts on sale for you to choose from.