to our world of creative wildlife art. Here we will re-create your vision for your trophies. So take a few moments and browse through our site and when you are ready to join us we will be ready to work with you.

At the end of every hunting adventure comes the time you will be needing your memories preserved! Well we would like you to become a part of our family of satisfied customers and have us customise your prize trophies to suit you.

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Our Standards

Our standards are based on a life-long passion for the wild and their habitats along with our ambition to create artistic replicas that will bring back those memorable moments as they were in the wild, creating “Symbols of Natural Beauty”.

Our Services

We are dedicated to serving our customers with honesty and integrity, innovation and creativity. We honour our customers and offer you personalised care as if you are our only client.

Our full line of services include:

  • The highest standard of custom taxidermy at the most affordable commercial prices.
  • Our in-house tanning for all your taxidermy needs using an ever-improving taxidermy tan (Lutan F.) Where stretch matters most! This if for you.
  • Our relationship building ground level raw export service that brings all our trial customers that much closer to being a lifelong friend at Collett’s.
  • Our custom brand furniture and leather line and accessory manufacture; Totally authentic and to its highest standard.
  • Our crating service that has left all our customers flabbergasted. Craftmanship you may not find anywhere else!
  • Our personal trophy care service has been extended as a free service to all who have their reservations about hunting in Africa. We will walk with you from start to finish.
  • Our in-house customs clearing has played a fundamental part of the final process towards building bridges with our customers and the ever-daunting perceptions of the negative connotation of African hunting. Let us finish your experience and build yet another trust worthy bridge.

Our Work

Do not compare our work with other commercial taxidermists running intense production lines.

With us you are not a number, but a key factor to our success.

We custom create every piece the way you envision it to be.