About Colletts Wildlife Artistry

Established in 2003, Collett’s Wildlife Artistry has grown and established a name for its high level of professionalism and standards in all departments. Steve Collett completed his training in the United States with world class taxidermists, so by combining both his newly acquired skills in this field and his life-long ambition and understanding of the wild around him he brings creations specific to Collett’s Wildlife Artistry.

Our operations consist of several different key services and products that makes us different from any average taxidermy facility. During the 14 years of Collett’s existence we have built an ever-growing reputation for “Nothing is too big or too difficult for Collett’s.”

Now having served thousands of customers from around the Globe, whether through our efficient raw export department, or our exclusive fur dressing facility.

We are proud to be of service to all our customers.

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Steve and Susie Collett

With a growing decline in confidence with Africa and those who operate in it, we have become a breath of fresh air for many consumed by the negative. Our passion is driven by nothing more than seeing our customers receive their trophies in good order, and the over whelming responses they pour back to us. It is not about how much money you leave behind or how elaborate a piece you have us do. It is how we can serve you to the best of our ability in everything we create and do.

Now 14 years later we have been blessed with our expansion into South Africa. This has opened the door of opportunity for us to serve beyond our borders into Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon and many other countries around Africa.

Our legacy continues so we welcome you to join us in experiencing our world of realistic arts, sculptures, and creativity that capture realism like no other. Our  professional teams in both Zimbabwe and South Africa will help take care of all your post hunting requirements, leaving you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

We Offer


  • Big game taxidermy
  • Birds and Fish
  • Raw Export (Dipping and Packing)
  • Fur Dressing
  • Curios, crafts
  • Custom Leather products
  • Exotic furniture
  • Personal Trophy care service

South Africa

  • Big game taxidermy
  • Fish
  • Raw Export (Dipping and Packing)
  • Fur Dressing (Still to be introduced!)
  • Custom leather products
  • Exotic furniture
  • Personal Trophy care service