Hello Joy,

I hope that all is well. Our shipment arrived in Houston without issue.
The receiving agent commented that the crating was one of, if not the best,
jobs he has ever seen. Please relay this information to Steven, Susie and
whoever had a hand in packing this shipment.

Thank you again for your good work.

David Stroman

Hey Joy and all the great people there at Collett’s!

We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the beautiful job on the lion and Hyenas. We are both so very proud of the mount and the rug! They are the “star” attraction in our trophy room.
Thanks again for everything!

Teresa Harrison

Hi Susie

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that our trophies arrived safely in New Zealand.
They look amazing. Thanks very much to you and your team for all of you work on them – Mark and I both very much appreciate all of your efforts.
Hopefully we’ll make it back to Zimbabwe again in the not too distant future and be able to use your services again.
Many thanks.

Best regards
Aaron Aaron


The 9 week wait to get our crate cleared in Seattle is finally behind us. We lost no time in getting 15 our our 17 animals up on the walls. Your finish work on all of them was top notch.

We wanted to note two of our animals for really outstanding finish. The Blue Wildebeest was a pretty worn out looking old man in the field…enough so that your brother thought that he might have to scrape up another skin that was in more presentable shape than ours. You made that old man face of ours look like a million dollars! Then there is the Buffalo…All we can say is you hit a “bases loaded home run” with the way you finished him to look like he just walked in from the bush. This Buffalo had what I thought was a somewhat uncharacteristic face in the field…very flat across his nose and forehead with no noticeable occipital lobes. Thank goodness for taxidermy forms that are representative of true physiological features! You did a brilliant job on him, Steven! He truly is the centerpiece of a collection of a number of very notable trophies.

Finally…the Sable and Zebra pedestal mounts. Excellent job on both! They are both going to sit atop some of the wildest and most beautiful contorted juniper tree trunks you will ever see. This tree grows only in eastern Oregon, a small area in eastern Washington, a touch in northern California and the only other place on the planet outside of the US…Jerusalem. Once the Sable and Zebra are up, we plan to shoot some photos of them and the Buffalo on the stone fireplace and send the photos to your address in North Dakota.

Many thanks again, Steven, for all your very fine work.

Eric and Sondra Moroney

Dear Mr. Fick,

As we have not been in contact since quite some time, I hope that you are well!

Last week, the trophies from Zimbabwe have arrived. The warthog is absolutely sensational.

With best regards.
Yours Sincerely,
Archduke Rudolf of Austria

With best regards.
M. Maillard
Secretary to H.I.R.H. Archduke Rudolf of Austria

Greetings Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that at long last our trophies are safe and sound in Willows, California. Kevin and I went down to SFO today and picked them up, all arrived in good order…….we are very satisfied with your work and Kevin really likes his gun case. Our compliments to your staff as well, especially for those who built the shipping crates…..they held up very well and took us quite a while to dismantle!!
So, it has been a long road but we appreciate your cooperation and thank you for quality trophies that we will be able to enjoy for many years into the future.
Hope this finds you all healthy and having enjoyed another successful hunting season.

Bye for now


Well, you did not disappoint ! Our trophies are beautiful . We love every single piece of artwork from your taxidermy studio. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them, they are definitely going to add a lot to our room.
Picture the conversations!!

Thanks again,
Tony and Nancy