With over 44 years of experience, we offer Zimbabwe’s first and only Fur Dressing Tannery. Our best kept secret remains a secret and is unveiled in every hide that leaves our facility. Our recipe is based on a world renowned Lutan F tanning process.

It is identified as a soft white glove-like tan. It has a high resistance to water and softens well when wet.

We also offer some of the best quality flat skin rugs using a chrome based tan. We produce some of the highest quality Giraffe, Zebra and other game hide rugs available.

Why Use Us To Tan Your Hides?

We introduced the Fur dressing as we could see the extreme costs that avid hunters in Africa were having to deal with. Here are a few Pro’s:

  • Will decrease the weight of your shipment from between 35%-70%
  • It will decrease volume by as much as 50%-100%
  • Any problematic hide will be discovered prior to shipping and replacement hides can be sourced and replaced before shipping
  • Saves on trophies having to be put through all USDA and other countries disease control quarantine
  • Saves on +/- 3 months of your processing time
  • No longer as vulnerable to beetles as if hard salted
  • Cost effective due to lower running costs
  • Our Dry tan wets back unbelievably well so does not need to be a wet tan

We encourage you to come in and try us out.

If all hides have been 100% properly cured prior to us tanning your hide we will give you a 100% cash back guarantee.

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